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July 13th, 2012 (Updated: Sept 19th, 2012) - As if today, Anson Hu appeared on the show [ Legend Of Songs 歌聲傳奇 | ge sheng chuan qi ] more than several times. I have combined all his appearances into one grand post for better reference and understanding!

What is the show [ Legend Of Songs ] about?
For each episode, they will invite one "legendary singer" and several artists; legendary singers are those who have made a huge impact on China's music industry in the past. This show attempts to bring back old memories with a new way of performing these classic songs.
The objective of each episode is to have several artists compete against each other to sing the best cover of  the classic song in front of the original singer/composer. The artists will be judged by both the audience and original singer.

How does Anson compare to the other singers?
Out of the 5 performances, Anson has been voted 4 times as champion for that particular episode.

What I think about Anson's performance on [ Legend of Songs ]:
Anson never ceases to stun his audience and fans with his vocal abilities, live performances, and ability to write favourable covers to classic songs. The idea with composing covers is that they can't change the song too much since most people have the original song in their heads. No matter what Anson does, he always has a zing of Anson uniqueness in each and every one of his covers, and it's different, but also highly acceptable. I not only watch Anson's performances, but I usually put in the effort to watch the entire episode or show just to see how Anson compares to the rest. I don't really know the classic songs, but I do make sure that I hear the original song before watching Anson perform a cover version, and Anson is....
stunning, as always.  :D


Five: September 14th, 2012's Episode

1. Anson performs: 
< 黃土高坡 | huáng tǔ gāo pō (Loess Plateau) >
*Note: Loess Plateau is a place in China. 
Mirrors: | |

Anson was praised by the original singer for his unique vocals and his ability to mesh a bit of R&B style into such a classic song. Well done again Anson!

This is the original classic song < 黃土高坡 > so you can compare it to Anson's version.


Four: September 7th, 2012's Episode

1. Anson performs: 
< 苦樂年華 | kǔ lè nián huá (Age of Sorrow and Joy) >
Mirrors: Youku | Letv

This is the original classic song < 苦樂年華 > so it can be can compared to Anson's version.


Three: August 24th, 2012's Episode 

1. Anson performs:
< 我的未來不是夢 | wo de wei lai bu shi meng (My Future Is Not A Dream) >

This is the original classic song < 我的未來不是夢 > so it can be can compared to Anson's version.

2. Anson's cute confession to Zhou Xiaoou, and he sings a few lines of his favourite songs to the singer: 

Brief translation of what Anson says:
I was sitting backstage and I'm very anxious to come out because I really like Zhou Xiaoou. I am not the type to talk to him in private about my admiration for him because it's really cheesy between guys. It's like "Oh, I really like you..." so it's really cheesy. However, if I use this type emotion on stage, it's like a respect to the musician.

There is something really regretful, since you're no longer singing but instead to peruse acting. If, that is if you want to, I want to be able to sing a duet with you and then record it into my album. (Of course, Zhou Xiaoou is very willing and says yes.)

I have a lot of sings that I really like from Zhou Xiaoou.......

(Anson sings and Zhou Xiaoou sings along for fun....)


Two: July 27th, 2012's Episode

1. Anson receives praise from the original singer for his cover:
< 常回家看看 | cháng huí jiā kàn kàn (Go Home Often To Visit) >
Mirrors: Sina | Iqilu |

This is the original classic song < 常回家看看 > so it can be can compared to Anson's version.


One: July 13th, 2012's Episode

1. A popular village classic that Anson sings a cover to: 
< 假如你要認識我 | jiǎ rú nǐ xiǎng rèn shi wǒ (If you wanted to get to know me) >
Mirrors: Sohu | Letv | QQ

This is the original classic song < 假如你想認識我 > so it can be can compared to Anson's version.

2. Anson sings a preview of a Chinese classic song from his album [ 紅歌 (Red Songs) ]:
< 北京的金山上 | běi jīng de jīn shān shàng (On Beijing's Golden Hill) >
Mirrors: Letv



Awww, he was really in his element here. His performances were really care free and was just having alot of fun. So far, I've never seen him struggle to sing someone else's song. So out of curiosity, how often has anybody else trying singing his songs? I've seen one (and it wasn't very good). I'd like to see someone try because his songs are quite difficult in range and rather unique to him. I'm practising so next time I go karaoke I might be able to sing along..hehe

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