Tiger Hu | Anson Hu | 胡彥斌 | Unreleased Singles

Hu's unfinished songs, demos, and others. Content circulated by fans.
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English Translation
2012 FM105.8 Radio Station Song
*Note: There are 2 separate mini songs in 1 audio file
Listen: Yyfc

願望 (精武飛鴻主題曲)
Wish (Men & Legends Theme Song)
*Note: Music is same as original; slight change of lyrics.
Listen: Yyfc | Yinyue Tai

男人KTV (Demo)
Karaoke Men (Demo)
Listen: Tudou

瀟湘雨 (Demo)
Rain of Love (Demo)
Listen: Tudou

葬英雄 (Demo)
Buried Hero (Demo)
Listen: Tudou

And Want You Know 田徑之歌 (Demo)
And Want You Know Track and Field Song (Demo)
Listen: Tudou | Youtube

想說分開不容易 (Demo)
Wanting To Say Breakup Isn't Easy (Demo)
Listen: 1Ting

見與不見 (Demo)
See Or Not See (Demo)
*Note: Anson composed this song while missing his dad.
Listen: Tudou

天上掉下個林妹妹 (Demo)
Sister Lin Fell From Heaven (Demo)
Listen: Kuwo | Yue365


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