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Hi! Call me Denise, or my Chinese name 丹妮絲 (絲絲)! ^__^
I am Admin of this blog and many more Anson fan pages:

1. I am not a fan of anyone else, but Anson Hu.
2. I never met Anson, but he is aware of International fans, and has seen our fan postcard!
3. I live in Toronto, ON, Canada. (Some people actually think I live in China!)
4. I am bilingual: Chinese and English (Stronger in English, which is why I own this blog :)
5. I love to talk to Anson fans, feel free to give me a shout, I am very responsive!

Life is too short and I like to do things to please people because it makes me happy.
I do believe that there are kind people out there, I just have to throw my heart out there first, instead of trying hard to protect it. What is there to lose??

Some of my favourite sayings:
Too many people in this world take things, and never give back. There are nearly not enough people who want to give without getting anything in return.
Instead of making assumptions about people, take the time to find out who they really are.
Life is a journey and not a destination.

On my spare time, I spend time on this blog because I want to do something for Anson. His music has been with me through my happy days, and especially my down periods (when no one understood how I felt beyond my fake smile). His music put a smile in my inner heart. As his fan now, this is my way of supporting the songwriter back: to spread information about him in the English world, so hopefully more people will get to know his music!

If you want to know how I discovered Anson, read My Anson Story.


love yr blog badly!!Can let us express our feelings about Anson!!!Support!!

Thank you so much for your support!!!!! ^__^ I love comments, it really gives me encouragement!

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