Variety Show: Tiger Anson Hu on the popular: I Am A Singer 3!!!!!

First poster on I am a singer

Last poster of Tiger on I am a singer 3 - notice the difference? So aggressive and good looking!

January 11th, 2015 - Tiger Hu | Anson Hu | Hu Yan Bin joins the famous Chinese variety show "我是歌手 I Am A Singer 3" aired by "湖南衛視 Hunan TV". To Hu, it's not about competing against others, but a chance to showcase his talent on a big stage.

Find out what the show is about from Wikipedia here.

I Am A Singer is a top Chinese variety show that invites famous singer to compete, which has gained great popularity in Asian community worldwide. The first episode of season 3 starts from Jan 2 2015. The show was produced at Hunan TV station in Hunan, Changsha. In season 3, every singer invited is one-of-a-kind singing artist, they are: Han Hong, Kit Chan, Leo Ku, Sun Nan, Jane Zhang, A-Lin and Tiger Hu. Who is the real winner? Let’s wait and see.
 - - I Am A Singer Youtube Channel

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Youtube Channel here.
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I am not sure if Hu is going to do well on this kind of show because he doesn't have a tremendous fan base, and he's not as popular compared to the other top-notch artists on the show. There are definitely benefits to him being on the show: he has more exposure, more people can see his passion for music, and he can build up a bigger fan base with viewership! The downside: he gets eliminated early on in the show, and people don't agree with his talents or music stream. 

Admin Denise is certainly excited, are you??! I will follow the show closely, make sure you follow our blog to show your support! Please share your thoughts and leave me a comment at the bottom!

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Youtube Playlist - I Am A Singer 3 - Just Tiger Hu: here.

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End of Season Concert

April 3rd, 2015

The last episode invites I am a singer 2 top 6 contestants and I am a singer 2 top 6 contestants for a nice concert for our ears.

Performance Song:  yuánlái nǐ shénme Doubt xiǎngyào | y uán Lai nǐ Shen me Dou xiǎng Yao (So You Actually Do not Want Anything At All )
Original Singer: A-Mei Zhang 張惠妹

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Episode Thirteen

Finale Episode
March 27, 2015

The last episode consists of a Guest Assist Round, and a Finale Round if they advance.

NOTE: It is confirmed by Hu that there were syncing issues between singers and the orchestra. Technological issues arose during live broadcasting and couldn't be rectified on time. It is safe to say that the live audience experienced no such issue.

As of now, there is only one official link that fixed the syncing issue. Full Episode 13, I Am A Singer 3 - Hunan TV.  First song: 38:40, second song 129:00.

I still provided links to listen below, but keep in mind that it doesn't sound..... great. I'll provide fixed links when they become available!

Part 1: Guest Assist Round

Hu is ranked: 5th

Each of the 7 final contestants will form allegiance with another singer outside of the competition to boost their standing. Hu invited David Tao, who is also Hu's idol, to perform a rendition of Tao's famous " 黑色柳丁 Black Tangerine."

Fan reactions and my thoughts:
These two singers were once R&B singers, but they now share rock dreams. As his fan, I know that no matter what the results turn out to be, Hu will be very satisfied - that satisfaction you get when you're on the stage with your idol. I was really excited for Hu when I heard rumors, and extremely excited when it was confirmed.

During the actual performance, I saw their admiration for each other behind the stage, and on stage. I just can't express how happy I was for Hu. Two musicians on the stage at the same time - similar style, similar looks, and similar mindsets. Unfortunately, their vocals and instruments didn't play in sync for the first time I watched it, so I was very worried about the quality of their performance. When Hunan TV fixed the sync issues, it was just another perfect piece from Hu and Tao. I felt the chemistry and their fun on stage. 

Sadly, fans from both celebrities were unsatisfied. Many were complaining about how plain the singing was, the arrangement, the rendition, and their team together. Unfortunately it might be true that if you expect too much, you might be greatly disappointed. Even my brother can tell that they were having fun on stage, what makes fans think Hu wanted to win the competition?

Thank you David Tao for all your support for Tiger Hu - we love you too!

Song Performance:黑色柳丁|  Hei Se liǔ Choir  (Black Tangerine)
Original Singer: David Tao Tao

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Part 2: Finale Round

The sudden withdrawal of the singer Sun Nan 孫楠 before the final round caused the entire finale structure to be revamped. The director advanced all the singers into the final round, instead of the original 5 out of 7 singers to advance. They will announce top 3 instead of top 5.

Hu didn't advance into the top 3. We all knew that was going to happen. It doesn't matter because Hu himself didn't anticipate to achieve rankings, but instead enjoyed his moments on stage.

Fan reactions and my thoughts:
This performance by Tiger stunned a lot of audiences - highly controversial - you either appreciate it, or you don't.

Unfortunately, I noticed a lot of negativity in his fan forums and comments. Many felt that he let himself down and that it was a disastrous song. I've never seen so much criticism for one given song. Perhaps people had high expectations and felt like Hu didn't live up to their dreams of a champion singer?

Hu's rendition of "娘子" shows the real Hu Yan Bin and his talent. 
I study music and Hu Yan Bin's rendition is like master quality. 
Don't understand his last 2 songs? That's because you haven't caught up to Hu Yan Bin's pace. 
- Some fan comments 

Honestly, I knew that Han Hong would win even on the first episode. Hu knew what he was getting himself into and he was prepared to challenge - not others, but himself. He wasn't only there to sing, but also to show his "wizard qualities" to making music. The 'I am a singer' stage is very tempting and very rewarding. Hu wanted to make this opportunity a rewarding one. 

When I first listened to the song, I noticed a vocal and instrumental mismatch (later confirmed an issue with live broadcasting). It definitely affected the way I appreciated the song on first go. Despite that, it was a very unique rendition, and a very unique song. It's different from all the songs in the competition. I knew it was special when the song was playing in my head the next morning I woke up.

When I finally listened to the corrected version of the song, that's when I started to appreciate the complexity in his rendition. It was a Chinese traditional song blended with modern techniques and delivery. I'm not an expect, but at least I can hear this  much. Its a really challenging song to sing and also a really challenging song arrangement. You can hear the layers of instruments, and hear the layers of complexity being added as the song develops. Knowing Hu, he's probably challenging himself again, pushing himself to the limit, and bringing something new to our ears again - this all happens with the expense of his ranking.

I started getting bored of the usual love songs on the show, so Hu's rendition brought tears to my eyes. China's music industry definitely needs Tiger, and different types of songs to our ears -  different from all the mainstream stuff out there.

What do you think about his performance? Leave me some comments below!

Performance Song: 娘子 | niáng zǐ (My Lady)
Original Singer: Jay Chou 周杰倫

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Episode Twelve

Breakthrough Round
March 20, 2015

Hu is ranked: 3rd

Congratulations Tiger Hu for making it back into the competition! In this breakthrough round, 9 singers fight for 4 spots to advance into the final round. Along with Sitar Tan, Li Jian, Theone, and Hu makes it into the finals.  According to Hu, though he was very prepared, he still felt very nervous about the breakthrough performance. He was debating between two songs 我知道你很難過, and 你的背包, but eventually picked the lather one for the round.

Similar comments with most of his die-hard fans, I was conflicted about his song rendition, but his singing ability was definitely undoubted. According the live audience crowd, his performance made everyone high and get on their feet. Let me know how you felt about his performance!

At the end of the show, he felt bad and sad for the singers who couldn't make it back into the competition, and he started crying! Seemed like he took one of the positions and left everyone behind. He's really sensitive and very caring for his surroundings - gotta love him.

Other English reviews about Hu's performance:

Music wizard Hu impressed the audience with his deconstruction of Eason Chan’s hit song 你的背包. He struggled a little vocally right at the end of the song but it was a stunning performance nevertheless. It was once again amazing to see Hu remodelling a song to give an entirely new mood to a familiar number.

Performance Song: Your backpack | nǐ de bèi bāo (Your Backpack)
Original Singer: 陳奕迅 Eason Chan

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Recording of the Episode on March 12, 2015 (to be aired on March 20)

I followed his official fan forums and weibo to get live updates. Lots of his fans were outside waiting for him to return to the stage. From the a fan photo and video, you can tell that he is very friendly and nice to his fans. I am always amazed and touched to see that he doesn't have a popular celebrity attitude - I love this man.

All the best and good luck Hu! <3

He's placed 5th to perform, and will be singing the song 你的背包 "Your Backpack”

Episode Eleven - Episode Seven 

does not contain Hu screen time - he is busy preparing for his breakthrough performance!

Episode Six

February 6, 2015

Hu has returned on the episode as a guest singer. Breakthrough/comeback round will not be until the end of March. We all wait patiently for his comeback!

Add oil!

When Yoga Lin sang this song, I barely listened because it was so creepy! When Hu performed it live, I was screaming for more. How can he leave?! Anyway, Hu seems to be delighted that he has more time to prepare for his upcoming touring concerts and more time to prepare for his return to the stage.

Like his performance this week? Leave me some comments! 

Other English reviews about Hu's performance:

The music wizard is at it again, making the song originally sang by Yoga Lin entirely his. His voice and re-arrangement of the song has always been a highlight to us in this competition and it’s a joy to see him always letting it all out on stage. We hope he comes back during the revival round.

Performance Song: 眼色 | yǎn sè (Colour Of Your Eyes)
Original Singer: Yoga Lin

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Episode Five

January 30, 2015

Hu is ranked: 7th
Total of rounds 4, 5: 7th

Hu is eliminated from the show. He will return as a guest singer next episode. He still has a chance to make it back into the competition from a repechage round in a few weeks.

This song is perhaps one of my favourite amongst his other renditions. I don't have too much to say because I'm speechless. The first singer to perform always has takes the bad seat. 

It's up to you to judge. What do you think of the song? Leave me some comments! 

Hu's comments after he found out his results:

Other English reviews about Hu's performance:

In round 5 of I Am A Singer Season 3, one of our favourite singers Hu was eliminated. The first singer to perform, Hu made tweaks to all the right parts of the song. Adding his signature style to the song, the final arrangement was musically rich and fluid. Originally a song sang by a female vocalist, we were mesmerised by Hu’s soulful rendition and enjoyed every bit of the performance. We were dumbstruck by his early elimination.

Performance Song: 味道 | wèi dào (Taste)
Original Singer: Winnie

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Episode Four

January 23, 2015

Hu is ranked: 4th

Hu has the title "Music Wizard" on I Am A Singer for a reason. He can take any old song, arrange it, and blend it with a bit of "Hu" while not losing the original "taste" of song. He always does it all and still make it fresh and exciting to listen to. He's exactly like a true musician, you will always wonder what he has next in line for you.   

In this week's performance, Hu had a blast on stage with a 1991 rock number from Black Panther, and he managed to get the entire crowd excited. Though we all felt that he didn't deserve an overall rank of 4th, he did get his well deserved first place rank voted by his fellow celebrity competitors. 

Like his performance this week? Leave me some comments!

Other English reviews about Hu's performance:

Without a doubt, every singer in I Am A Singer 3 is competitive. It’s great to see that Hu is having fun in the show. And that is pretty infectious. Breathing new life into a song that was published more than 20 years ago by China rock band Black Panther, Hu’s rendition had our heads bobbing to his performance and rhythm of the re-arranged song. We look forward to what surprises he will bring in the next round.

Performance Song: Don't Break My Heart
Original Singer: Panther band Black Panther Band

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Episode Three

January 16, 2015

Hu is ranked: 3rd

Taking previous reactions from fans and audience, in today's performance, Hu eased off on the screaming and went with a softer song. Nevertheless, he effectively crossed over a bit of rock with an Indian sitar making it a brilliant combo and easy to listen to. Successful arrangement!  

The way he handled the introduction with a soft-scream brought us all into a mood to wait for his story to be untold. It sounded like he was calling out for his future girlfriend, would you agree? 

Like his week's performance? Leave me some comments below!

Other English reviews about Hu's performance:

Hu showcased his musicality and talent in song arrangement by breathing life into a classic song. Fusing folk and rock, Hu gave the song a much needed pop twist and proved there's no limit to creativity.

Performance Song: 耶利亞女郎 | yé lì yǎ nǚ láng (The Girl From Ye Li Ya)
Original Singer: Angus Tung

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Episode Two

January 9, 2015

Hu is ranked: 5th
Total of rounds 1, 2: 4th

Hu does all the covers himself, a new song arrangement every round, exactly like what he has done in 2013 Celebrity Battle. He choose a song from Phil Chang 張宇, who was also a contestant from last season. He used less singing technique and eased off on the variation this round. As a result, his rendered version and singing is more ear-friendly!

Like this weeks performance? Leave me some comments below!

Other English reviews about Hu's performance:

We totally adore Hu’s versatile voice and song-writing skills. Even though he was criticised for destroying the song ‘山丘’ in round 1, he more than atoned for it in this round. Choosing a song from his idol Phil Chang, who was a contestant himself in Season 2 of I Am A Singer, Hu spared no effort in planning for the arrangement and delivery. The result? A refreshing song arrangement and spectacular performance that brought a new lease of life to the 20-year-old song.

Performance Song: 一言難盡 this select Nan miles (It's A Long Story)
Original singer: 張宇 Phil Chang

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Episode One

January 2, 2015

Hu is ranked: 5th

On the 1st episode, other singers sang one of their own songs, except for Hu. He choose to go with a song as a tribute to his idol Jonathan Lee 李宗盛. Immediately he was singled out because of his song choice. Then he added too much singing technique to make a classic song sound twisted. It was a song with much debate, some really loved it, others hated it. 

Do you think he made the right choice? Do you like the song? Leave me some comments below!

Other English reviews about Hu's performance:

Hu was the last to come on. He sang ‘山丘’, a song written by Jonathan Lee. A popular singer-songwriter in China, Hu may have showcased his vocal range and styles a tad too much for a song that doesn’t requires it. We would prefer that he put more heart in the song. An entertaining performance nevertheless.

Song the Performance:  Shanqiti | Shan Qiu (Hills)
Original singer: Jonathan Lee Jonathan Lee 

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This is my take on I am a singer season 3, episode 4. Other than Tiger’s up tempo rendition of “don’t break my heart” every other singer chose rather slow, emotive songs to sing. For me it made the show somewhat a little monotonous. I have conflicting feelings for shows like these, because, firstly these are established, high calibre artists and to pit them against each other just feels…wrong? They are all unique in their own way so how exactly are people supposed to vote? Having said that, it is compelling TV. Everybody wants to watch their favourite singer and it does feel as though you get to know the “stars” on a more personal level. Anyway, I must say, there can be no doubt that Tiger’s energetic performance and his composition of the song, was by far the most entertaining of the night. Even the other singers were amazed by his arrangements and couldn’t stop complimenting him. However, although he was voted first amongst the professionals, at the end of the night Tiger was voted 4th by the audience. In my opinion that is just travesty! Ok, Han Hung’s rendition was very good of course, but it was her signature. Her style never really changes and I felt there were parts in the song where she sounds (dare I say) a little tired? She is recovering from a cold after all so maybe that’s why.
So far in this competition, it feels like Han Hung is the favourite to win. To me this doesn’t feel like a competition but rather a platform to showcase each singer’s talent. I rarely like watching shows like these but when the producer said, the purpose of these type of shows is to excite people’s interest in music, I sort of understand his point of view but admittedly, I find the process still very cruel. Jane Zhang is one of the biggest female artists in China and to be voted last in 2 episodes must feel a little sour.
I’m looking forward to seeing what Tiger has install for the next episode. He always bring something fresh to the table so I hope the audiences appreciates his effort and don’t just vote on the person they like but vote on the overall technique.

@Lingasaurus: I completely agree with you. I am not really a big fan of these shows. I was definitely disappointed with Tiger's ranking for episode 4. After that, I had a really bad feeling about him in episode 5, and I was right. I lost my motivation to watch the show after he's out, and I'm going to dwell on other things until he comes back!

So far, his performance 5th episode's performance 味道 is my favourite. I can't believe he actually got eliminated from the show because of that. Several reasons though: performing first, singing a slow song, and he also completely changed the ending of the song, making it less acceptable for the audience.

I was not surprised when he came last but I don't get why he was eliminated?? But anyway, yep, we were right, this show just isn't really his platform. I loved his performance (not that I am biased), but honestly I don't think I've found any live performances he's done that I've not liked even if the song isn't my cup of tea. I've lost my enthusiasm for this show now that he may be finally gone:P.
Any thoughts on the other singers? I quite like A lin. I think she's very classy and her voice is quite different. Jane Zhang can sing but...too commercialised for my liking. I don't like it when Chinese/Asian singers try to imitate American style performances because somehow it always comes out a bit too cheesy..I kinda cringed at the end of her performance. I just think that song didn't suit her.
Be interesting to see if Han Hong can do an upbeat contemporary song, maybe something rock, just to switch it up a little.
I really don't get what is so special about Li Jian??? I know he is some big Chinese singer but I found both his performances so far are boring and not very different in terms of style. As for Leo Ku..the singing was just awful...Sure he had fun and the audiences were very engaged with his performance but there was no technique what so ever and it didn't do the original any justice.
Oh well, at least I can go to the App and watch Tiger giving a lesson on his singing techniques:D

@Lingasaurus: Tiger was eliminated because they accumulate audience votes from the last two episodes. The last singer gets eliminated. It was actually a big shock to Tiger because he didn't think he would be eliminated with that particular song. As of now, it still stands as my favourite performance from him on I am a singer.

This week is the final around of I am a singer 3, and I am so glad Tiger is back on. For the breakthrough round they had 9 singers compete for 4 remaining spots - 3 singers sun nan, han hong and a-lin are already in the finals from their points from the last round. I am not a big fan of his rendition of this particular song for the round, but many people said that its definitely a song determined to win! Definitely no doubts about the way he performed it and his vocal abilities. What are you thoughts about it?

I definitely gave up on watching it because I couldn't pay attention to anything without Tiger. A-lin is my next favourite. I dont get Li Jian for sure, his singing puts me to sleep. the recent Korean singer who won champion on I am a singer korean version, I dont really get why he's over in china to compete again.

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