About This Blog

Why this blog?

This blog is dedicated to the Chinese musician, Tiger Hu | Anson Hu | Hu Yanbin. The purpose of this blog is to provide information, news, music, translated lyrics, photos, and much more about him in English. Information about the all-round musician has always been limited in the English world, and I have taken a step to open this blog. This is my way of thanking him and I hope I can bring news about him from within China to the rest of the world via English. Perhaps, through this, we can all be a little closer to him :)

I plan to maintain this blog for a lifetime. If I'm busy, I'll delay my posts, but you'll never miss any of his song updates if you follow us.

This blog still stands as the one and ONLY English source of information about Tiger Anson Hu.

How this blog works? 

No copyright infringement indended. The purpose of this blog is to act as a medium between English language users and original Chinese content. Please read my disclaimer here.

Two things I would like you to know.

I HATE WRITING. Writing to me is very painful, especially since I almost failed grammar in English 10 years ago. I bother with this blog because of him, and his music. Through him, I learned to conquer what I hate most, and to turn it into something that I now enjoy. Despite that, I still take 10x longer than a normal person to write a simple paragraph. Please appreciate what I have here for you.

I AM A VERY BUSY PERSON. Other than this blog, I'm a regular human being. Please bear with my grammar, spelling, and other mistakes. If you spot errors, feel free to let me know.

See "My Little Profile," for something about me.
If you would like to read about my story and how I discovered Anson, see 'My Anson Story' under "About Me" tab.