My Anson Story

Why Anson Hu? Why not someone else?

Everyone probably has someone they admire, respect, like, love, or revere, like an idol in the entertainment industry. I am someone who loves interaction with others, and I love to study how the human mind works, since I am a crazy psychology student (no need to be afraid of me, I can't read minds!). Through my different life experiences, I have acquired high expectations for people in general because they must exceed the norms of what is out there. In other words, they must be unique, and the type of unique I am talking about is not the popular, nor the trendy stuff out there now.

I am not the 'fan girl' type. I love music, but I don't fall in love with people.

What happened then?  ------

There is definitely something about Anson Hu.

My Anson Story.

In 2012, Anson changed his English name to Tiger, but I'm going to leave my story as "My Anson Story."

I am a true music lover, ever since a long time ago. I can tell that I am because I can live without a tv, movies, games, sports..etc, but I cannot live without music. I cannot stand not listening to music on my spare time, as a hobby, or as entertainment. My starting point, or perhaps as far as my memory goes, was mainstream Western music: The Backstreet boys, Britney Spears, NSync, etc. As years go by, I see myself jumping around in search of the best music. Not everyone's best music, but rather my best music. What is the definition of my best music? I am not even sure, so that's how I began my journey.
I do like a lot of different styles of music. So for periods of time, I would listen to different languages, different styles, and different artists. Despite that I actually do like many styles, I naturally found my most favourite style of music: R&B. Of course, with a certain style, it comes with a certain singing technique. I started with western music, jumped around to different countries, landed on certain artists, liked some of them, but I've never stopped searching because it haven't found the type of music that would make me uncover my ears, make my eyes glow, and make my mouth crave for more: like an addiction of music, and that's what I call the best music. To me, looking for the best music, is almost like looking for my future partner, that's the way I see it.

I am born a Canadian, but I do have some Chinese blood in my ancestry. I did learn Chinese, specifically Cantonese when I was young, but never did it ever once strike me that maybe there is good Asian music. "I am born in the West, so I should listen to Western music!" Finally, I came across Jay Chou's music since a lot of people seemed to like his music, and through him, I've learned of other Chinese artists. I began to favour Chinese artists because there are many more of them who compose and sing their own music, and also, a lot of them do R&B style! I can say that R&B music didn't originate from the Chinese, but they impressed me because they have taken different styles of music and have worked them, and have perfected, played with, and experimented with that particular style of music to the next level. A good example of this is the fusion of Western pop and Traditional Chinese music/instruments. Once we find good things, its hard to back down, and then our expectations become higher, and higher, and then we become picky, right?

And so, my tower of pickiness began to accumulate through time. I started with my favourite R&B music, and then stuck with particular singers who can perform R&B well. Then, I started to prefer those singers who have a true vocal ability: those who are able to sing well in studio and live versions. After that, my attention shifted to "musicians" those who write, compose, and produce their own music! And then, to be terribly picky, I only like those musicians who are not only talented in their own creations, but should also be vocally skilled. Finally, my pickiness level has reached it's final stage when my parents complained about the music that I listen to:
"Singers these days don't have emotional expression anymore. If they're joyful, they should sound like they are joyful, and if they are full of sorrow, they should sound like they are full of sorrow. They no longer sing like they mean it, and they're fake."
Sad to hear this from my parents, but they were right. My final criteria for the best R&B music: the combination of the perfect vocals, the great composition of music, and the powerful expression in music - The all-in-one musician! For a period of time, I was wondering, is it even possible to achieve this? I often found artists with a certain talent, but I have yet to find one that is all-rounded. Is there anyone in the musical industry that can do this??

In 2008, it was the year I realized the existence of an artist, named Anson Hu Yan Bin, and it wasn't exactly what anyone would expect. At first, I knew him as the guy who sang the Mandarin version of 男人KTV "Karaoke Men". I had major hatred for him because at that point in time, I was very fond of that song, and I had given props to 側田 Justin Lo's original Cantonese version without any knowledge. I started to pay attention to forum arguments between the Cantonese and mandarin versions of 男人KTV. It was also the day when I found out the truth: Anson Hu was the original composer and singer of the song 男人KTV. I was still not convinced of his ability and I did some serious comparisons, just to convince myself that Justin Lo's version was the best one. I compared their recorded studio versions, music videos, live versions, and even the version where Justin and Anson Hu performed 男人KTV together. Unfortunately, through this process of comparison, I lost interest for Justin Lo's version of 男人KTV, and started listening to Anson's version instead.........

That's how Anson's first song came into my music world. Just like that.
As of now, I still regret that I had not discovered him earlier.

Starting from 男人KTV, it had led me to listen to 蝴蝶 "Butterfly". I was severely addicted to his song because it was too beautifully created: the composition, his voice, his expression, and the Chinese instruments. With such an attractive song, who wouldn't venture further to listen to his other creations? At that point in time, I found 3 other songs: 告訴我 "Tell Me", 和尚"Monk", and 毒藥 "Poison". By now, I know that they're not Anson's best, but for weeks, I had the same songs in repeat, repeat, and repeat. It did not take me long to decide that I needed to search for all his music.

Even if you didn't give special attention to each of Anson's songs, you can pop all of his songs into a playlist and listen to them all at once, and it would not disappoint you at all. Anson never sticks with one style. At first, I took him as an R&B singer because 'everyone else says so,' but this isn't the case. He isn't just an R&B singer, but an fact one who plays with various styles and is highly capable of singing them: ballads, rap, rock, soul, electric...........and even the classic Traditional Chinese songs. You will be amazed at how different each song can be. If you didn't like the sound of one song, you are bound to like another song of his, just because he's special like that. Each and every one of his songs has a zing to it.
Anson is someone who would give a lot of thought, time and effort into composing any song, and you will be able to hear that extra effort. It is not rare if you find alternative, and unfinished demos lying around because he would produce many versions before he settles down onto his final product. As an example, his beautiful 瀟湘雨 "Rain Of Love" has a demo version released as a short anime theme song. I actually do love his demo version slightly more than the finalized version!

It wasn't long before I noticed something about Anson. He is a talented musician, and quite unique. Anson is easily known in China as the "musically talented singer-songwriter." Some common comments made about his talents are: his attractive and exquisite voice, his wide range and singing ability, his ability to produce addicting Traditional Chinese-styled fused modern songs, his amazing improvisation skills to compose a song anytime and anywhere, and his powerful expression of music in his voice and his songs. However, what people don't notice is his musical talents: he is a singer upfront, but he's also a natural talented composer behind his music. I call him a music-geek because of his way of playing with music and his unstoppable passion and talent for producing music throughout the years. He knows how play with a variety of styles, and knows exactly how to blend his voice with his music, and do it perfectly. He never stops playing with new styles, it never ceases to amaze me song by song, and performance after performance. It's just Fresh.  Every.  Time.

When I say unique, he really is really unique. He isn't that regular super-good looking artist that everyone expects every artist to be. He isn't the artist that would say what everyone else would want to hear, so everyone perceives him as being arrogant. Finally, he isn't that artist who would rely on his company to commercialize him so his music would be popular. How many artists in the music industry are music geeks, are multi-talented, and the music they produce has to please themselves first, then the audience? How many artists are sincere when they smile? And finally, how many artists really mean it when they say they care about quality music? You probably know what I am going to say. Yes, he's the one.

Anson's music became a part of my life. His music has been there to inspire me, to give me comfort, to make me cry, and to make me smile. I've been through my toughest times with his songs by my side, and to give me comfort when no one was there. During my happiness moments, his music was playing in the background to give me that extra lift in my life. Finally, when I felt like no one understood my point-of-view when my loved one has left me in the cold, Anson's voice and music is my source of comfort, and I feel like Anson understands what we often go through with love. If you listen to Anson's voice, you will feel his power of expressivity in emotion, and you will feel it in his music, no doubt.

I won't be detailing on Anson's history, if you would like to find out about his breakthrough in the Asian music industry, you might want to read about him here.

Anson started out in 2002, and I discovered him in 2008, isn't that too late? When I actually discovered Anson says a lot about his popularity. Right, he's not exactly that popular. His popularity is limited probably due to the fact that he's just a Mainland Chinese artist. How many people actually go crazy for a China pop artist? You hear people falling for Korean, or Japanese, then recently the Taiwanese artists, when do you actually hear someone following a China artist? For me, I don't exactly care about the trend, I look for the artists who are good, and are actually good at what they are doing. I usually give up on celebrities after a year or two because they become popular, then they change their style of music and ways of doing. I still follow Anson for a reason: his values, attitude, and persistence about music has stayed similar for 10 years. Don't get me wrong, his styles of music do change, but with every song, he challenges himself and will always strive to surpass his old ones. The most important part is: no matter how much he changes, his music will always will be the best of him, and it will always be the best music to his audience, and then of course, the best to me.

To end off, I can proudly, and to finally say that after quite some years of searching, I have found my BEST music: and it is Anson's. He's my one and only - the all-in-one musician with quality. 

Thank you for reading.

What's your Anson story? 


Wow. I do think that I'm really demanding with music, and I'm glad to come across someone who's like that too :)

I'm new to Anson Hu's music, I found out about him a few months ago. I didn't imagine that I would be still listening to his CDs now! I wasn't into mainland Chinese music when I found out about him, I only knew SingerSen and Sa Ding Ding back then (with a couple of Taiwanese singers).

I love his fusion of traditional Chinese music and modern music. not sure if I found my best music with Anson Hu but he's definitely one of my best music :)
I love many different genres but like you said my basic influence is RnB. By the way, it was surprising to me to read online c-pop lovers say that c-pop/tw-pop has many RnB songs, I was genuinely like "for real? How is this really RnB?" I can hear the RnB vibe in a song like LIFE (Anson Hu), that's obvious, but after listening to some Chinese singers I can't call them RnB singers. I've never heard a Chinese singer sing like a soul music singer and they often sing ballads instead of upbeat songs. There are different types of RnB, yeah, but I think I've found my jam, I love it when it's very groovy and upbeat, or with a sensual or soul voice. Anson Hu is the nearest to that in China to me...will check his other CDs asap! :)

I love your passion for you blog and sharing all this info! Thank you!! I also have a fan blog and I know that it can be hard work sometimes, especially if you're the only admin. Greetings from France.

@ Hi Myra!!!

Thank you for your long comment, and for sharing your thoughts! I am very happy to see comments on my fan blog!

I am interested in knowing what other singers (Mainland, Taiwanese...others) that you currently listen to, if you don't mind sharing! You own a fan blog? Of whom? I would be interested in visiting! :D

I have to agree with what you said, and I don't know if Anson fits into the title of an "R&B singer" as everyone says. I personally think that Anson's voice is capable of a variety of styles (slow, fast, rap...), and he knows exactly how to enhance his voice with the music he creates for himself. That's what I love about him. :)

It costs me an arm and a leg to do this blog (timewise), but the time that Anson spend to do this music is much more. Since Anson's music makes me happy, I tried my hardest to do a fan blog so then other people can find out more about his music/info. ^^

You're welcome!

Other singers?
OK, first China: a couple of rock bands like Hedgehog and New Pants, but I listen to AM444 (alternative groovy pop) much more. I also like Jane Zhang, Jason Zhang Jie and sometimes Phoenix Legend (really depends on the song). I'll try to listen to an album of Vae Xu...I barely know him.
Taiwan and Honk Kong (don't remember from where the artists are): Tanya Chua, Khalil Fong, A-Lin, Waa Wei (I think her name is longer), a couple of songs of Jay Chou (not a fan though I'm not that familiar to his music).
I guess I'll try to really get into Hebe, Eason Chan, Lee Wang Hom, Rubberband, Wei Chen, maybe Denise Ho, I barely listened to their songs.

Oh no, my post is already sooo long lol As for other countries, my favourite Korean artists are Clazziquai, Mad Soul Child, Brown Eyes (the male duo), Junggigo, Hot Potato, Infinity of Sound (IS), Wheesung. But I listen to songs from a lot more artists, I can't name them all here, Kim Bum Soo's voice is the RnB voice that I like the most, and I love Dynamic Duo and Yoon Mi Rae's hip hop music :) I love k-hip hop yeah. Japanese artists...I tend to listen to their reggae/dancehall artists, for RnB I like Full of Harmony, Jamosa, Crystal Kay, and I love Japanese DJs like Nujabes, DJ Krush and Nomak.

My fansite is about Crystal Kay! :) I'm not a *huuge* fan of her, especially these days where she goes electro/dance but she's still really good. Her voice is one of the most pleasant in jpop for me, her RnB songs are really good, definitely one of the best in this genre in Japan to me. I enjoy blogging about her, she's not all that busy like superstars so I'm fine :)

And...I'll just say that I love American artist Shawn Lee's album collaboration with Chinese musican Bei Bei. Fusion music! (traditional instruments from China and modern groovy music).
And well, American old school RnB and nu soul is my jam, though I really like "mixtures" of this genre like Jamie Woon, an Asian-British RnB singer. Andreya Triana, Lianne La Havas are just great ^^ Check them out!

Sorry for this loooong post! When I start talking about music, it's hard to stop lol My tastes are so ecclectic that I couldn't talk about everything I'm into here.

Back to Anson Hu: you're right, I've noticed that too, his voice just suits his songs so well, the way he uses his vocal range is awesome :)

Oh just noticed that not all the artists I mentionned are all-round artists, like being lyricists and composers for all their songs. Some of them are still really involved in their music.

My main exigence is quality music and quality vocals, some artists are just composers and sometimes need vocalists to sing on their songs like Simon Green (Bonobo) or Joe Hisaishi and DJs like TOKiMONSTA or Miguel Migs (I like all of them). I admit that I don't expect singers to compose/write *a lot* or for all their songs, but sometimes is enough for me :)
As for live performances, Insooni, Park Hyo Shin are really good in Korea, I'm just not hooked to their music. And all the singers I mentionned in my previous post can actually sing or rap on stage without making me cringe.

Hi @ Myra!!!

You're completely awesome for sharing your thoughts on music, I love people who are totally passionate about "real musicians" like those you mentioned. Like they don't have to write every song, but composing once a while is good!

Honestly, I only know about half of the names you mentioned here, you know and follow a lot of singers!!! Since you actually put in the time and effort to write me this message, I will go ahead and check out some of the artists on my spare time :D

I don't understand why you have to try to force yourself to get into certain singers, whyyyyyy??? :P I am just interested in knowing!

I love well-rounded musicians too! *props* Actually, I appreciate "real musicians." People who sing other people's work, I call those stage performers, or singers only. The only thing with me is: I am not the type of person to be a fan of a lot of musicians. I am getting old these days, I don't have too much time to follow artists anymore. Most of the time, I just listen to songs that I find good :) Anson is a rare one, I pretty much follow him pretty closely, he's a music nerd, hahaha :P :D

If you don't mind me visiting, you can pop me the link to your fan page, and I'll come visit!

Hi Denise :)

You're welcome!

Well, I meant that I might be missing some good music if I don't check out the most popular singers, though being popular doesn't always equal with quality or match my taste. And I agree with you that I shouldn't push myself to like them, I'm not like that :)

Aw, thanks for checking them out :) But you don't have to, choose a few if you don't have much time. For Korea I forgot to mention Yi Sung Yol (or Lee Seung Yeol) lol I'm still listing my favourites, crazy! But he's awesome and been an artist/composer for much longer than Junggigo for example, though their music genres are different.

I'd say, just check out Jamie Woon (songs: Echoes - Lady Luck - TMRW), Junggigo (songs: Bye Bye Bye - Blind), Clazziquai (songs: Rapunzel - Sweety - Ping), Mad Soul Child (songs: Ask - Lalala), AM444 (song: Eye Wonder), Infinity of Sound, and Shawn Lee & Bei Bei collabo! :) I just like sharing music so don't feel obliged to reply about each of these artists, it's fine ^^

Here's my site:
Thanks for visiting!

Hi @ Myra!

Sorry for the late response, I have been missing in action (on vacation) for the last little while, hehe.

I don't have much time recently, but I will on I am done with my wave of crazy stuff. :P

Thanks for recommending those specific songs, it makes it so much easier for me!!!

By the way, awesome job on your fan site! You are bilingual (English/French)? You're amazing!!~~~ I left a short message on your blog! hehe

It's OK!

You're welcome^^
Aw, thanks, I'm not really bilingual but my English is pretty good :)

it's really hard these days to find good artists esp cpop and i've been a fan for years but lately sigh all you see is kpop groups taking over everywhere. hmm, for my story i've been into cpop since forever probly started listening to the "the heavenly kings" in the 90's then sorta lost interest and only listened to cpop off and on, mostly David Tao & A-mei. lol i think the person who got me started on my cpop craze was leehom's shangri-la then it was cpop 24/7... but anyhoo back to anson, i think i 1st got interested in him when i heard his duet with william so of who i was a fan of at the time after that i heard butterfly and have been a fan ever since.

i listen to other artists of course and lol i think about died when i saw anson do a sorta duet with JJ Lin on 改编秀 as i'm a super huge fan of JJ, i honestly think they're both so talented they could sing about poo and i'd buy it XD

anyhoo, that's my short anson story, don't get me started on cpop or i'll never shut up XD

@pgirl: Thank you so much for sharing your story! It's rare for people to actually read my Anson Story. Wow, you've been a fan since a long time ago. See, sometimes I regret not knowing about him earlier. If I had, maybe I could have started up my blog earlier, and maybe more people will be able to follow him......

Didn't you find it really hard to follow Anson?

Oh yes, I know that show that you're talking about with JJ Lin. They're really good buddies!

I mean, if you want to share your thoughts on CPOP, I wouldn't mind listening. I would like to see what people think these days. ^^ Which artists would you consider to be your most favourite??

it is sorta hard to follow him unlike other artists i'll agree and i did try to keep up but honestly there's sooo many artists out there cpop etc. he is one of my favorites tho' XD it's hard to find info on cpop artists period in english, unless they're super famous/popular. but really if the artist has talent, he'll be noticed somehow like anson, so it's never too late ^^

lol my thoughts on cpop are probly ancient as i've been listening to it since forever it seems XD but really it's hard to say i have a most favorite it's more like i had alot XD hmm, ok, let's say i was stuck on a desert island & could only bring a ipod. off the the top of my head i'd probly fill it with JJ Lin, A-lin, Leehom, Nicholas Zhang (Teo), JS, A-mei, Guang Liang, Stephanie Sun, FIR, Z Chen, David Tao, Tension, Jinsha, Tank, Gary Cao, Cherry Boom, Jacky Cheung, Hacken Lee, Leo Ku and of cos Anson XD

as you can tell i tend to like a mix but mostly they have to be able to sing (Twins anyone -_-) and i can't tell you how hard it is for me to like a new artist, i mean i try but i'm stuck in my ways XD tho' i sorta am a Jay Chou fan but only of his older works as a composer... i never did think much of him as a singer X.x i mean what's up with the cowboy thing? ._.;;; but yah somehow i tend to mostly like male artists, of cos i have a few secret likes which wouldn't qualify as super singers like SHE & 5566, i mostly like them for their variety skills XD tho' i actually went to a 56 signing event once in HK.. they were cute *___*

so you really shouldn't go by my taste lol XD but yah i could spend hours talking about cpop tho' ^^

Hi pirl: As long as my Anson blog is around (it opened in early 2011) it would be easy to follow him in English :) Anson is not popular outside of China, so people told me that they were amazed to find the existence of my blog. In a nutshell, I can say that Anson really stands out from the rest of all the Chinese singers I have ever seen, that's why I dedicate my time and patience to try to get the rest of the world to know about him. After all, it's a lot of dedication plus the skill of translating ;)

Wow, I definitely have to say, you definitely have a good taste in music! The artists that you like are totally a bend of different styles and definitely talented singers! ;) I know because I'm a music lover ;) Don't worry about getting stuck in your own ways because the singers that you like are talented! ;)

Don't worry, usually the people who are able to see Anson's talent, I am able to see that they must be people who have very good taste and are able to appreciate good music! :) So, feel free to share!

So other than S.H.E, you don't like any other female singers?

yep so i was sooo glad to find your blog cuz it'll help keep me updated on anson ^^ and i agree it really does take dedication & patience and i totally admire yours for all the translating you do.. i'm waay too lazy to go try to read chinese XD

hm, lol i hope i do have good taste in music but thanks ^^;; but yah to me they're talented hence i listen to them and haha i guess i qualify as a music lover also cuz i'd probly die w/o my ipod XD

well girl group wise i guess i only like S.H.E. tho' cherry boom is a good group too, i tend to like solo artists rather than groups cuz i think solo can control their quality a bit more tho' lately i swear everyone's trying to be a singer -_-;;;; i mean i was never a Farenheit fan even tho' they did do a few duets with S.H.E. and i liked Nan Quan Mama when Lara while with them... but yah mainly male artists like Nicky Lee, will liu and Huang Yida.

but yah guy groups on the whole not really a huge fan tho' Mayday or Power Station are good but somehow i've never really gotten into them. i think my 5566 period is probly the most i've ever gotten into a cpop male group and mainly cuz their variety show made me laugh and so i got into their songs tho' i must admit their "Wo nan guo" is probly a favorite song of mine ^^

hmm but female artists not as much, tho' i do like angela zhang, Elva, evonne hsu, penny tai, fish leong, and alan besides the others i previously listed. i dunno i guess i'm picky that way XD

of course i do have a few guilty pleasures as sometimes i'll listen to a song and it'll get stuck in my head so i'll like it tho' i know it's not the most talented one like omg this summer that stupid Wang zhen wang by rainie & show, it got stuck waay in my head after i saw their mini drama together and i'm not really a fan of either X.x and oh i like wilber pan too tho' lol he's not the greatest singer but his songs have a certain something i guess XD

oops forgot to say that i swear the music industy these days are more focused on looks than talent, i mean they were in the past too but it wasn't as noticable cuz probly the level of plastic surgery hadn't gotten as bad hence everyone wants to be a singer.. tho' they may not have the talent like um, Yao Yao -_-;; i swear her ai de bao bao drove me nuts cuz it was freakin everywhere X.x;;; or Raymond Lam..... do not get me started on him X.x;;;

cuz for example i like JJ, he may not be the most handsome guy out there but boy can he sing *_____* so to me appearance is secondary tho' if he's hot like leehom lol i'm not gonna complain XD

ok i should stop spamming you today ^^;;;; cuz get me started on cpop and like i said i'll never ever shut up XD

Hi pgirl, thank you so for spending that time and sharing your thoughts about cpop! It's kind of funny, but almost all the songs and artists that you mentioned, I know exactly what you're talking about! That probably just means that I know cpop too T_T

Hahaha, I did watch that mini movie with show and rainie, and to be honestly, it's totally okay to have certain songs stuck in your head. Don't be so guilty! :D

Yup, I think Fahrenheit and so many other idol groups are just for looks, but sadly, there aren't that many people out there that are actual music lovers! Thanks for taking the time to explain it to me because then now I totally know that there is someone else who thinks like me! YAY

JJ and Anson are like 'brothers' :P They kind of have a similar appearance, don't you think so? Hehe

I'm not too big of a fan of female singers too, so I don't blame you if you don't have too much to say about them. :P

Any thoughts about androgynous styles like Jing Chang, Bibi Zhou, HOCC, :P

ahaha lol np, it's nice to have someone to spazz with about 'quality' cpop isn't it? XD i wouldn't say i "know" cpop, it's just i know what i like & don't like =P i have definite tastes and thoughts regarding cpop & artists hence i rarely stray from it. and just cuz plastic surgery is everywhere and everyone does Karoke does not mean that equals a music artist and nor should it.

tho' i do admit sometimes practice makes perfect like andy lau who started off as a not so good singer and is now lol pretty good but i chalk that up to years of practice and simply knowing what he can & can't sing XD and yes sometimes having talent isn't enough if you aren't doing songs that suit you and yes the public tho' i wouldn't say you had to please your public 100% of the time but to be honest please don't go totally nutty -_-;;

and to bring this back to Anson now XD so yes i might like his older songs more than his newer songs but that doesn't mean i'm not his fan or am not supporting him, i understand that there has to be balance and how difficult that is, it's the public vs what the artist wants to sing and yes they have complete freedom to do so.

and now to not be so serious about this XD um yah agree JJ and Anson are totally music buddies & brothers in appearance and musically to a certain point :3 both are talented and sometimes underated by the public =P but i adore both to be honest ^^

hm androgynous styles... somehow i never really got into it, i mean i understand the appeal but somehow eeeh... i'm sure they're good artists but lol i just like guys =P i know it's hard to explain tho' ^^;;; but like i said i like what i like and that's that :P

ok enough of the long lecture and being pendantic about cpop XD lol see i told you i'd never shut up about cpop if i was asked to talk more about it. :3

i love cpop so it's kind of sad to see kpop groups attempt to get into the market by "creating" special cpop groups designed just for the $$$ like Super Junior M for example, i'm sure they're talented (Henry & Zhoumi are for sure) in the kpop world but i mean the cultural & language barrier is sorta difficult to overcome to be honest & adding members to a group who just happen to speak the language imo isn't enough. sure they can translate for the others in a pinch but meh to be honest, it's sure hard to understand them aka the ones that don't speak the language when they try to speak chinese w/o subtitles XP i know i sound totally snotty about this but yes i'll give them an A for effort but meh sometimes it's down right painful to watch them on the chinese variety shows X.x hence i often feel a distinct disconnect from such groups, i mean i might like them but it's not like i'll go gaga over them but sigh seeing them plastered everywhere even on taiwanese fan mags makes me sad T-T i mean what happened to the photos of the cpop groups and artists???? yes i realize such fans of those mags are mostly crazy fangirls but gosh darn it i really wanted that nth spread of leehom XD

ok now i'll really stop spamming you on this XD like i said i'll never shut up otherwise ^_~

I finally found someone that thinks like I do!!! I am also obsessed with psychology well an extra which is astrology.Except that I am not a student of either subjects since my country doesn't offer those subjects at my age. I am no fangirl, can't scream,zero interest in looks,a bit emotionless... My emotions only go for stories, music and animals.Oh wells, I too started out with western music at the age of 10(when I got my ipod).I was not obsessed with music like in general but I was obsessed listening to them.I listen for a minimum of 10 hours a day.Except for me I am for Taylor Swift and Avril Lavigne then.But they never really fulfill my needs of seeking of comfort from listening to them so I started out searching. I expanded my variety of music to J-Pop with no luck on E-Pop. J-pop has interesting lyrics and melody but not what I was quite looking for either. I got to know K-Pop being forced to listen by my friend. I rejected quite loads of it with disinterest and there's this Singer called IU which has amazing melodious high notes.Soon after I came across Song Jieun a singer of amazing voice talent and finally B.A.P a group producing meaningful lyrics and full of feelings. But none of it actually suits me, I like their music but I don't love them. There was a certain missing essence. Until this year, I knew of 全能星战, I went to watched it and I had the feeling that came across me as "This is it!" as I listened to Anson sing. His voice was the essence I was in search of, the essence that is not just talent but a significance of great effort.I became his fan ever since.Well, that makes me a new fan. But I am glad that such a person like him exists, the person that sings music with heart,the music that can make me escape out of any misery and annoyance.

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