Tiger Hu | Anson Hu | Hu Yanbin | 胡彥斌

is a well-known, male singer-songwriter based in Mainland China. Upon completing studies in United States in 2011, he is now known as the talented all-round music producer. In 2012, Hu changed his English name from "Anson Hu" to "Tiger Hu" with release of 8th album, 大一號 (One Size Bigger).

Ever since his debut album 文武雙全 (Civil and Military Skills), he won many awards, started a wave of R&B music, and is known as King of Mainland R&B. He is the first male singer in China to release an album at age 18. His singing technique is exquisite, has reputation in Asia for "Hu original sounds" (ability to sing live; sound like his recorded tracks), and is a leading representative for Mainland China in the Asian music industry.

Under the influence of his father, who worked as a seamen and brought back cassettes from all over the world, he loved singing ever since a kid.
At age 13, he entered his first arts school to learn vocals and performance.
At age 15, he formed his first band, and served as the lead singer.
At age 16, he received first musical synthesizer as a birthday present from dad, and started composing.

Hu has a charming character that is hard pinpoint. He loves to stare with eyes wide open while listening to others, and his face turns red when he sees a girl he likes. He is highly capable of composing music, anywhere and anytime. He can within 1 hour, transform a 500 word article into a compiled musical song, and is good at piano, guitar, bass, drums, yang-qin (Chinese dulcimer), gu-zheng (Chinese zither) and other musical instruments.

At the age of 15, Hu first set a goal to release an album on his 18th birthday, and he succeeded with endless efforts of self-training through competitions, and by constantly seeking to exchange music with different music composers. He successfully became the first male singer to release a debut album at the age of 18 in Mainland China. Only 40% of his total compositions, up to date, have been officially released in his albums, since he engages in composition for others and for various purposes. He now wishes to be able to play all types of musical instruments, and to record his own, personal pop-orchestral symphony album by the age of 28.

In 1999, he received the best new singer award at the Shanghai Music Awards. In April 2008, he won the best creative singer award (Mainland) at China Music Chart Awards.

He also received the best male singer award (Mainland) for his hit song, "Karaoke Men." He has swept the awards ceremonies at the end of each year, and now has 70 trophies under his belt. Anson Hu opened the modern pop era in China. Hit songs of his like "Monk", "Tell me," and "Love Across Time And Space" helped to popularize R&B music in mainland China. Fittingly, he has been dubbed The King of R&B in China. To his music, he has added performances that are filled with the creative imagination of youth, and has abandoned the old styles to pursue diverse and revolutionary arrangements. His music is always a hot issue among young people in China. Lately, he has tried to incorporate a new style by adding popular English Rock & Roll to his original R&B.

He understands all different kinds of genres, including R&B, Hip-hop, Pop and Rock & Roll, which has helped him to attract a wide range of fans, from curious teenagers to music listeners in their 20s and 30s who are attracted by the visual element of his performances. His records are as overwhelming as his reputation. His is the one and only singer in mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong to have released his first album by age 18. This first album won him an award at the Hong Kong music awards, and broke sales records in Chinese R&B by going Quadruple Platinum in mainland China. He is the only mainland Chinese singer to have signed with Gold Label Records in Hong Kong.


Chinese Name: 胡彥斌 | Hú yàn bīn
English Name: Tiger Hu, previously Anson Hu
Birthdate: July 4, 1983
Birthplace: Shanghai
Height: 180cm
Weight: 65kg
Blood Type: B
Zodiac Sign: Pig
Star Sign: Cancer
Major subject: R&B
Hobbies: Singing, listening to music, food
Favourite Colours: Blue, White, Pink
Favourite Clothing: Casual wear
Favourite Actor: Stephen Chow
Favorite Male Singers: Jacky Cheung, Brian McKnight
Favorite Female Singer: Mariah Carey
Favourite Cartoon Character: Crayon Shin-Chan

Random Things

* His fans call themselves: 斌迷 | bīn mí (bin fans)
(It's simple, and he also refers to us as that)

* He did use his English name, Anson Hu, prior to his name change.
(During his 2010 seminar, his laptop projection showed many files with his English name, even when the rest of his files are in Chinese.)

Star Path

At the age of 16, he received the greatest potential award at the Asia Song Festival and received great appreciation from the Japanese musician - Komuro Tetsuya, which led him to sign his first contract.

At the age of 17, he released his first single <Marilyn Monroe> that brought him substantial attention in the Mainland China music industry; he also sang most songs for the animated series Music Up, which reached the amount of 60 million in sales, and he became one of favourites amongst the teenagers.

At the age of 18, he released his first album, which made him the youngest artist in Mainland China to have released a debut album at this age.

[To be Continued....]

#1 Achievements

He is FIRST Mainland Artist ...
  • to sign a contract with Hong Kong Gold Label Ent. Co. as an artist 
  • to have his No.1 single <Monk> MV created using flash animation
  • to have his first album hit Top 2 in Taiwan Sales Chart
  • to attend 4 different Hong Kong Jade Solid Gold Music Awards presentations as a Popular New Artist
  • to compose and perform the Asia Cup theme song <Declaration> in Chinese and English
  • to hit Top 1 artist in Chen-Lian Music Charts for 4 consecutive weeks
  • to hold a large-scale concert and autograph session in Taiwan

He is ONLY Mainland Artist ...
  • at the age of 18, to simultaneously release an album in all of Asia 
  • to have debut album win Best New Artist award in 4 different Hong Kong Jade Solid Gold Music Awards
  • to have breakthrough debut album achieve 4x platinum status
  • at the age of 22, to receive Best Male Artist award

He is ONE AND ONLY Artist ...
  • in the new generation of artists from Mainland China to win Best Lyricist, Best Composer, Best Song Arrangement, Best Album, Best Producer, Best Songwriter, Most Popular Singer-Songwriter, Best Singer-Songwriter, Most Popular Male Artist, Best Male Artist