Anson Hu Responded and Shared Our Fan Postcard! We are so touched and proud!!

April 5th, 2011 - I know there are wayyyy more fans who come to my blog, WHY DON'T YOU SAY HELLO?! We would love to know if you're a fan of Anson and where you are from!

I am almost speechless at this moment in time, but also really excited to be writing this post. We almost couldn't believe our eyes when Anson Hu, our dear Chinese musician who is the reason of this blog, personally responded and shared our fan postcard on his Weibo (Chinese equivalent of Twitter)!!!!

I have so many people to thank, especially those who made this photo possible! SPECIAL SPECIAL thanks to J + sister, J, N, and R. Photo was not possible without you .. Thank you to the rest of the Anson fans, staff, and the rest of the people on for forwarding this postcard around!

This is the original Fan Postcard:

Chinese translates to: Even though we are really far, International fans will always silently support Anson Hu.

This is the message alongside of the postcard:
We love Anson Hu's new album, it really has flavour/attitude! We brought it around to share with friends, took photos with a nice view, and even designed a postcard! Hoping you will forward it and hoping Anson will see it!!! 

(We didn't ask Anson to respond, we just wanted him to see it and notice us. When he actually responded, we were shocked, excited, honoured, what else were we feeling? O_O )

Anson responded:
I did have a chance to see you guys, so happy! (or, I had the chance to see, we're so happy!) 

(And shared our fan postcard on his own Weibo for the rest of the people to see!!)

It actually means SO MUCH to us since it's rare for celebrities to actually respond to fan messages! He probably overlooks fan messages and other things because he simply has a zillion urgent messages. It's super shocking to see our own fan postcard being forwarded/posted on his Weibo!!!!! We simply can't use words to describe how we feel.

This is a screen capture of Anson's personal Sina Weibo (Microblog), with our fan postcard 

After 20 hours of the post being made, just our post, accumulated 138 forwards, and 60 comments - and coming!

There are many forwards of other forwards, so it's hard to get the real number. It's important to note that, Anson's China Fan community sure knows of our presence!

Anson fans, no matter where we are, and no matter what language we speak, we are one big family. The rest of the Anson fan family are very happy to know that we exist, and we are happy to be recognized as a part of the big family too.

Here is a glimpse of what some of the comments look like: 
(when they use @someone, they forward to that person again. I must say, I am very touched! ^__^)

> 我想他一定会看到的, @胡彦斌 斌斌你看
- (I believe he will see it for sure, @Anson Hu, Anson look!!!)

> 谢谢你的用心 :)
- (Thank you for your good intentions :)

> 其實,如果不看歌詞,我也聽不懂歌詞的但Anson的旋律真的很動聼
- (Actually, if we don't look at lyrics, we don't know what Anson is singing    either, but the melody is very touching!) - From a HK fan

> 好用心…@胡彦斌 看到了吗…你的音乐传播到世界各地了…相信2012会有更多奇迹!!!我们一起努力吧!
- (Good motive.. @Anson Hu did you see it yet? Your music has reached the world....believe that in 2012 there would be more miracles! We'll fight together!)

> 有才的斌迷!
- (Talented Anson fan!)

> 呵呵,名扬中外!
- (Hehe, your name reached outside of China)

> 哇天啊很用心…
- (OMG, they really put thought into it...)

> 老胡看到了
- (Anson saw it!)

> 好开心哦老外也喜欢斌斌唱的歌
- (So happy, non-Chinese love Anson's songs too!)

> 亲,斌斌看到了哟,爱你!
- (Sister, Anson saw it, love you!)

> 感到很温暖
- (I feel the warmth!)

> 一家亲~~~~~~~~~~~原来我在外国有亲戚~~~~
- (A whole family ~~I didn't know we had relatives outside of China!)

Here are some random comments: 
(people respond and answer each other's questions, so entertaining!)

>1: 他们哪买的?
-  (How did they buy it?)

>2: 网上啊!
-  (Internet!!)

>1: :-O :-O :-O

HAHAHAHAH how else would we get his album?

>1: 很不错,很有才的楼主!PS好奇哪个是楼主本人?
- (It's pretty good, you're very talented! P.S who are you in the picture?)

>2: 楼主是最中间那个哦,现在FB最多人的那个胡彦斌粉丝的主页就是楼主开的,楼主好像还开了个斌的英文BLOG我还记得我在有tube上也遇到过楼主
- (I believe she is the one in the middle. Right now, the Anson fan page that has the most fans on FB is opened by her. I believe she always has an English blog, and I also remember meeting her on Youtube too.)

I didn't even have to answer that question, other fans are aware of my/our presence, even on FB!

There's way too many for me to translate, I will leave it as this ^^

ansonhuyanbin-fans.blogspot SO TOUCHED AND HONOURED! 

Wanna see the actual post? Hit Anson's Weibo!


I am sooooooo happy Anson got to see us!!! =D
I can't believe he actually responded!!!!!!! ^^
Denise all your hard work has paid off! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!
You don't know how much this means to me T_T
We just need to see him in real life now but at least he's aware of us now!!!
I shall spazz some more in my email in private XDDD

I still feels unreal right now. It's too shocking!
Months and weeks of planning did pay off T_T

Hehe to see him real life is possible. We'll shall take a plane to China some day xD Any followers? hehe

I was thinking the same thing! We need to plan for a day in the future to go and see him in China!
Thanks for the update of comments. So funny XD
Are you on youtube?

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